Income Tax

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Certificate [Individual]

Required documents: 

1. NID Copy

Note: E-TIN is absolutely Free. Please visit and get our e-tin certificate or call us to get a free e-tin certificate.

TIN Certificate (Partnership Firm)

Required documents: 

1. All Partners Individual TIN Certificate (Mandatory)

2. Partnership Agreement (Mandatory)

3. Deed/Paper for Proof of Ownership/Rental Agreement if rented. (Mandatory)

4. Trade License (Mandatory)

4. All Partners NID Copy

(Limited Company) TIN Certificate 

Required documents: 

1. Incorporation Certificate of RJSC

2. Memorandum and Article of Association

Required documents: 

1. TIN Certificate 

2. Copy of NID

3. Others Necessary Documents

correction such as Fathers name, Mothers Name, Present Address, Permanent Address can be correction.

If TIN Certificate was lost it can be recover again.

Return Certified Copy that’s mean True copy of submission of Return

Limited Company by enlisted chartered firm

TIN Certificate Sample

Income tax Certificate Sample

E-Return Certificate Sample

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