1. This is the first step to register any organization. Its purpose is to find out whether any organization has previously been registered under the proposed name of the organization to be registered, so that multiple organizations are not registered under the same name. Name clearance is an essential document for company registration.

2. Before registering any new establishment (except foreign company liaison office and branch office), the entrepreneurs have to apply to RJSC to get permission of the name of the establishment.

3. Clearance application should be sent to the designated RJSC office through the website (app.roc.gov.bd).
4. The application form should be sent to the Registrar of RJSC.
5. The prescribed fee for name clearance has to be deposited in the prescribed bank.
6. After receipt of license application and prescribed fee, RJSC grants license for any of the proposed names, subject to the condition that it does not match or is similar to any name already registered, licensed or applied for.
7. Name clearance is valid for 30 days (180 days for society). Within this, the application, necessary documents and fees have to be submitted for registration. Otherwise the name clearance is cancelled.

Private Company (as per Companies Act, 1994)

Necessary Documents:

1. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, original and two additional copies
2. Filling in Form I: Declaration of Company Registration [Section-25]
3. Completion of Form VI – Notice of location of registered office or change thereof [Section-77]
4. Completion of Form IX – Director’s Consent [Section-92]
5. Filling up of Form X – List of persons intending to be directors [Section 92]
6. Completion of Form XII – Particulars of Directors, Managers and Managing Agents and any changes thereto [Section 115]
7. Name clearance


Partnership Firm (as per Partnership Act, 1932)

1. Filling of Form I – Statement regarding Registration of Firm (Statement),

2. Partnership Agreement.

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